Lennox® Garage Heaters

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With a Lennox® garage heater in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, from Walter's-Eaton's Electric, Plumbing, Heating & AC, you can quit exiting a toasty residence and getting into a very cold automobile during the depths of winter.

Heaters also help end chilly starts, keeping your car operating year-round.

Additionally you may make use of your space for those projects you’d only be able to do when the weather’s nice. And keep a safe spot for pets during freezing times.

Our garage heaters are available in different sizes and masses to meet your requests. Chat with heating and cooling experts today at 715-318-6728 and we’ll help you identify the appropriate kind for your area.

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4 Upsides of Heating Up Your Space

Lennox garage heater

Setting up your brand new heater is a snap since the equipment is all in one piece and connected. And all the models we have are produced with a low-profile cabinet to free up additional overhead storage capacity and adjustability.

Here are additional benefits of heating up your garage or workshop during the wintertime:

  1. Keeps your car warm during intense weather.
  2. Heats difficult-to-heat other rooms or guest rooms on top of your shop.
  3. Gives a cozy area for your workshop year-round.
  4. Delivers a pleasant place for pets and plants, no matter the conditions outside.

Have tough-to-heat rooms where dust, soot or moisture is a problem? Talk to us about adding a separate combustion unit.

We’ll Help You Discover the Correct Garage Heater

Purchasing a garage heater provides you the flexibility to carry out your tasks year-round. Or boost your warmth on chilly days.

We can help you determine the most fitting heater for your area and funds. Give us a call at 715-318-6728 or visit us online to get started today.

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